Research and discuss William Klein as a photographer

1.Research the photographer William Klein

2.Compose a written paper that discusses all the following topics:
A brief biography of the photographer, including his or her birth and death dates, nationality, and occupation and places where the photographer\’s works were published.

3.A discussion on the works, photographic styles, and approaches of the photographer

4.At least one visual example from photography, painting, or another medium that was an influence on this photographer, as well as your interpretation of how the photographer was influenced by this artist or artwork

5.A discussion identifying the social, political, economic, or cultural influences of the works as related to the time period

6.A description of how the photographer\’s works differ from his or her peers\’ in style or approach and where he or she exemplifies the straight photography style

7.Locate three examples of images by your photographer. Attach these images as JPEGs. Critique all three images using the describe, interpret, and evaluate method.

8.Conduct an Internet search for recent examples (within the last two years) of straight photography style images. Find at least one contemporary artist who cites your photographer as an innovator or an influence. Make connections between the two photographers by discussing the similarities and differences in their works. Embed at least one image by the recent photographer and cite the source.
Add a works-cited page to your Microsoft Word document that lists all the sources you used in your research. Follow MLA conventions.