research and development

I have three company and there data, annual report and sample term paper in the file. In the report, please report on some basic facts first. Basic facts include amount of R&D expenditure, amount of R&D assets, and amount of R&D expenses for the companies. Then compare the R&D amount with revenue, cash holding level, debt levels, equity level, operating cash flow and total cash flow, etc. In the second part, you will analyze the performance of companies that spend different amounts of R&D. For instance, you can compare the companies that have low ratio of R&D to total assets vs. those with high ratio of R&D to total assets. Then document if future performance of the companies with high R&D ratios are better than those with lower ones. Performance measures include total asset growth, intangible asset growth, cash growth, revenue growth, employee growth, EPS growth, operating cash flow growth, stock returns, return on equity, return on assets, and gross margin. To make the report interesting, you can use some case studies to illustrate the above points. For instance, you can compare the accounting policies of R&D across companies. You can also pick some companies with extremely high or low ratio of R&D to sales or ratio of R&D to net income. The company performance and position data are available from their annual reports on company websites. You can also obtain the data from a database called Mergent, which is available from the universitys library website. It is better to report a pattern over five or 10 years.