Replication on a small scale in the class room of a classic social psychology experiment as a research article (2800 words) (closeness experiment Aron et al 1997).

Brief template: the article that you write will contain the following sections:

Abstract: This is the summary of your article. This section should include the following sub-sections: Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion and perspectives.

Literature Review: This is where you lay out to the reader what previous researchers and theorists have said about the experiment that we will be reproducing.

o The literature review should start with general statements to end with more specific findings. o This section will end with your description of the aim of the project.

Methodology: This is the who, what, where section of the report. Therefore you need to detail the following sub-sections (using sub-headings) so that the reader knows exactly who took part and what they did.

o Participants: Describe the population of participants who took part (age, gender, where were the participants recruited?)

o Materials: Describe the tools/tests used. Underline any ethical issues in the research.

o Design: Describe the type of approach used, i.e. qualitative or quantitative. Explain the benefits of the chosen approach.

o Procedure: Describe precisely and clearly how the research was carried out.

o Statistical analysis: Describe the statistical analysis used for the Results section.

Results: The lecturer will give you the main results during the seminar: table, graphs, statistical analysis. You will need to explain these data in the Results section.

o Descriptive results: Describe the graphs and describe the main results (average and standard deviation)

o Inferential results: Explain the statistical analysis.

Discussion: In this section, you will explain your results and discuss the importance of what you found.

o Did you manage to answer your research question?

o If no, why not?

o How does your work relate to the literature review?

o Why this is an ethical piece of work? If you underlined any ethical issues in the Materials section, suggest another alternative.

o Explain the strengths and limitations of the work. o Compare your findings with other studies.

o Suggest other perspectives of research study.


You will need to include in this section all the text/articles/books you quoted in your research article. You are required to use the APA format.