Reflection paper

The Dean of the College of Business and MBA Program Director requests that a reflection paper be required for each online course in the MBA program. The purpose of this reflection paper is twofold. First, it provides the university with feedback on student learning. Second, it provides a way for students to reflect on their learning process. Please refer back to your paper submitted in Week1.
This assignment will encourage students to consider what they learned and how they changed during each of the MBA courses they take. This is a two-page (no more, no less) paper (APA format) in which students will synthesize the material covered and reflect on the class as a whole, noting 1) what they learned; 2) how they learned it; 3) how they are using (or will use) what they learned; and 4) how their thinking may have changed as a result of the class. Please be specific in what you write, using proper citations as necessary. The reflection paper is due at the end of Week 7 and is worth 30 points toward your final grade.

Note: Use citations if necessary. Also, I\’ve attached the week 1 reflection paper so you can get an idea what I talked about.