Recast Proposal

This assignment is a proposal for a project we are going to be working on. My recast is to create a website with an organized layout that can give students the recourses, information, wisdom, statistics, and motivation they need to help find and explore career opportunities.
The assignment sheet is attached, along with a power point slide on the information we were given on genre. Also, my research paper (what we are re-casting) is attached.
My thesis statement is \”In order to find a fulfilling career it is important to look both inward and outwardinward to considerations such as personality, strengths, weaknessesand outward such as work environment, social support, and recourses.\”

My research argument was one of career decision, after reading it you\’ll know what the information you are trying to convert or \”recast\” is. Basically this assignment is asking us to take our argument and turn it into something of a specific genre. I chose the option of a website for my recast–basically I am trying to create a website that is centered around the idea of making the intensely difficult process I describe in my research paper much easier for students to handle and make the best decisions. The target audience is students.