PUBLIC POLICY ANALYSIS: medical marijuana dispensaries in Contra Costa County

This is a continuation of draft 1. (Word Doc.) also attached is the feedback from the instructor (BROWN-Draft 1 GRADED dg.PDF)
included is the Rubric for the final assignment and a sample analysis. I would like to end up with something that resembles the sample.
In this paper, you will build upon your Draft One by furthering your assembly of evidence that (this should include a significant level of scholarly research that has practical application to your area of research) and including a comprehensive discussion of possible alternatives and the criteria you will use toward the end of recommending a particular alternative. While thinking of this paper in terms of Draft One + Evidence = Draft Two is helpful, it is important to understand that you are not simply continuing from where you left off, but you are synthesizing so that you are furthering your original writing into a more robust piece of practical research writing.