Psychology – Psychiatric Disorder Paper

Research Topic: Psychiatric Disorder
Please type the paper in sections as follows:
1. Select a topic to research from the following list of disorders: Depressive Disorders, Sexual Dysfunction, Anxiety Disorders, Sleep-Wake Disorders, Personality Disorders, Neurocognitive Disorders.
2. Describe the essential or key features of this group of disorders.
3. Select a specific disorder from the list and answer the following USING YOUR OWN WORDS
a. What are the diagnostic features/criteria of this disorder
b. What is the 12 month and /or lifetime prevalence estimate for the disorder
c. Describe the development and course (when it typically starts, how it progresses, how it affects everyday function)
d. What are some known risk factors that make one more vulnerable to the disorder
e. What are some know protective and/or prognostic factors
f. Explain some of the ways in which a Differential Diagnosis is made between this and other possible disorders
g. Describe comorbidity patterns
h. List any gender and or culture related issues for this disorder