Progress Report: Lusail Iconic Stadium

IEEE format for reference.
This has to be on an engineering project.

In industry a progress report may be required periodically to show what you have done on a project, what you are doing, what you intend to do, whether you are on schedule.
This task will show your ability to explain a project, summaries progress on it, and evaluate its success so far.
You should choose a major engineering project which is currently in progress.
A progress report must contain enough information to give your reader a clear idea of progress made so far and how far the project is from completion at this date (ie April 2017). Be as specific as possible with actual dates and activities.
Give as your title Progress Report: followed by the name of your chosen project and the date on which you are submitting it.
Rather than a specified word length, numbers of pages is more appropriate as a guide, so a report of around 8 to 10 pages is expected, but be careful not to fill this with images: detail of the activities completed and what is yet to be done are the most important elements.
Adopt a positive tone in the report without being too informal. Be informative but concise in each section.