Political economics of US oil production

Identify the current political-economy issue, and provide a brief historical perspective, issues of current socio-political environment. [5 points]
Introduce the conceptual framework. Develop your analysis of the issue using language theory and models. Both neoclassical and institutional models can be used to analyze the issue under consideration. In this discussion also include secondary/tertiary implications for addressing the issue, ethical considerations, alternative policy considerations that may be better alternatives. [1/3]
as they make sense to your chosen issue: (a) small business owner; (b) Executive Director of a non-profit organization; (c) City/County administrator and/or council member; (d) CEO of a corporate giant / Fortune 500 company; (e) Tax-paying citizen; and (f) State-level politician. Be sure to ground each perspective with cited material / external resources that show evidence to support the true perspective of the group. [1/3]
Based on your analysis and utilizing the perspective representing each individual/group, provide a summary and conclusion of the current political-economy issue you chose. Then, provide actions and considerations for next steps related to the issue.