please formulate a tittle it should be either obesity or poverty

the structure of the assignment
describe the problem, support with literature. why is it important to global health?what is the nature of the problem, who is affected by it. what factors contribute to it. prevalence, globally, regionally eg Africa and your specified geographical area (south Africa, mortality, morbidity and other estimates where relevant.discuss courses of the problem eg behaviour, environmental. identify and explore relationships between the problem and other conditions. other information relevant to understand the nature of the problem eg cultural factors, behaviours that may increase the risk
interventions- explore major interventions(ghis) which address the problem in your setting,
1)are they working?consider any resource issues in lmis
2)primary prevention approaches
3)secondary prevention approaches including therapeutic measures eg medications
4)role of traditional healers and faith-based bodies
conclusion- 1) what would be recommended?
2)any alternative solutions?
3)how to optimise the effectiveness of interventions
4)explore any barriers/challenges to intervention

avoid using terms like should, ought and must
ask why, so what, and how for issues that you discuss
minimum requirements- it has to be literate, organisation of your argument, structure your work,
introduction -provide a sound rationale for your choice of subject, support with evidence, tell the reader what you aim to do, keep it focussed,
the use of evidence-theories must be incorporated in the work not just described.
it needs to be critical
move from descriptive level
explore the implicit value
contextualise your work
your argument needs to be developed, it needs to be focussed
referencing- avoid overuse of direct quotations, lengthy direct quotations, avoid the use of secondary referencing