PHIL. 2101 \”Case of Individualized Decision Making\” Essay

Regarding the \”Case of Individualized Decision Making\”, answer the following questions:

a) Which are the two most important ethical decisions that Diane makes?

*b) From either a Kantian or an utilitarian perspective: Do you think Diane did what she should have done in each situation? Why or why not?

*c) From an ethics of care perspective: Do you think Dr. Quill did what he should have done in those two situations? Why or why not?

**d) Which, if any, of the previous ethical perspectives do you think is most recommendable for both Diane and Dr. Quill? Explain your reasons. [Note: If you find no perspective satisfactory, or different perspectives recommendable for each one of them, etc. you must also explain your reasons.]

*For these two questions, I will attach notes on Kant, Utilitarianism, and Ethics of Care

**For this one, I will attach notes from 3 Earlier topics the can be used