Pathophysiology of Hypertension in the African American Population

The purpose of this part is for students to:

identify key pathophysiological elements regarding a disease relative to developmental concerns in a specific at risk population;
discuss the selected disease process in relation to the chosen population and community;
include appropriate health promotion recommendations for the selected population (individual, family, population & community) based upon current guidelines and research; and
address essential elements such as the following:
Epidemiology and etiology
Brief description of normal physiology
Comprehensive explanation of pathophysiology
Clinical manifestations
Clinical management related to the disorder
Specific issues related to this identified community and population


The work of this assignment is based upon the seven studies the student retrieved from databases in part one of this written assignment.
Create a paper demonstrating the knowledge gained relative to the chosen health related condition and specific population.
Incorporate each of the following items relative to the health condition:
epidemiology and etiology;
brief description of normal physiology;
a comprehensive explanation of pathophysiology;
clinical manifestations;
diagnostics; and
clinical management related to the disorder (include current evidence based guidelines).
Incorporate each of the following items relative to the selected population (individual, family, population, & community):
specific issues or concerns relative to this identified community and population and this specific health condition;
pertinent developmental concerns as appropriate; and
suitable health promotion recommendations.

Submit this paper to the mentor via the appropriate Submission link.

Note: These directions and the grading rubric (See the Evaluation Rubrics area of the course) for this assignment will be used to evaluate and grade your assignment. Please refer to the details of each when preparing your assignment.

Attached is my annotated bibliography with the sources for the paper, the assignment rubric and a sample essay