Sexual harassment in the workplace

Research Paper: A three-page research paper is required. The requirements are: Typewritten. Do not use a font larger than 12 point. Double-spaced, with one-inch top, bottom and side margins. A bibliography is required (exclusive of the three pages). Use MLA style for citations. The bibliography must include a minimum of four (4) sources. Do not cite or use Wikipedia or your textbook as research sources. The research paper must be written using Standard English grammar, punctuation and capitalization. Therefore, your paper must be written based on what you have learned from your research. Assistance is available in the LRC Writing Lab.

Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations

Discipline: Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations
Current Organization model
Veterans Administration Psychiatric and Drug treatment Center for Inpatient/Out Patient
Choose a Board of Directors similar to the title above are make up one that would complement the title above
Locate the (Joint Commissions sentinel) event policy for your type of health care organization and the sentinel event policy for your organization. Use these policies to prepare a (two page) report for the Board of Directors of your organization on current risk management issues and differences you have noted between the Joint Commission requirements and the organization\’s policy regarding sentinel events. Be sure to use APA formatting.
Evaluates the Joint Commission Sentinel Event Policy.
Critiques the organizations policy and the Joint Commission Sentinel Event Policy.
make up risk management issue with the topic and resolve.
Justify the current risk management issues.
American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM), Carroll, R. (2009). Risk management handbook for health care organizations (student edition). New York, NY: Jossey-Bass.


1.) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the range and scope of legal and professional responsibilities within the business sector
2.) Identify and understand the key concepts of contract and how they relate to business organisations and professional behaviour
3.) Demonstrate an ability to use legal authority appropriately and apply relevant law to a range of business scenarios

wk9dq: use Minitab to run descriptive statistics, create graphs and respond to the following

For this week\’s discussion, you will use Minitab to run descriptive statistics, create graphs and respond to the following:How could you use Minitab descriptive statistics for data analysis research?What are your plans for learning more about Minitab and how will the information you learned about this software be of benefit in your future analysis of research data?

Case Study/ Strategic Plan Porsche

Read Whats Driving Porsche? and History of Porsche AG – FundingUniverse. From the perspective of an executive with the firm, prepare a strategic plan to grow the business over the next three years.Your strategic plan must be future-oriented and must:Describe Porsche’s history and its 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion).Explain the current situation of the organization in the market (industry, market, and general environment analysis).Assess the financial performance and condition of the organization.Conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to determine areas that offer opportunities for change.Choose three or four areas from your SWOT analysis and explain why the areas you have chosen are essential to your strategic plan.Describe your recommended organizational structure.Explain your plan to measure the success of your strategic plan.

Change Management Position

You will write a Change Management Position Paper. Select a large organization, profit or nonprofit, that has recently gone through significant change. Choose an organization that you can find substantial written material documenting the change effort. Analyze the organization on the basis of the readings covered in this course and write a 5-6 page paper discussing the change effort.

Main FocusIntroduction: Thoroughly describes the organization’s situation, background, and context for change.analysis: Appropriately applies course materials (change and innovation management) additional resources to analyze the approach taken by the change agent(s), and address the following: a) the image of the type of change held by the change agent. b) the “culture” of the setting that is changing and the role culture played in the change. c) the extent to which the (envisioned and actual) change was first or second order/adaptive or transformational. d) the method(s) for implementing change. e) the vision for the change. f) how the change was communicated.Overall Evaluation: Provides an excellent overall evaluation for the quality of the change agent’s work and evidence of how knowledge application based on class readings can be transferred Demonstrates how the evaluation has been conducted.Reccomendations: Includes excellent recommendations and suggestions on what steps could have been taken to increase the success of the project.

Follows APA Style guidelines; stay in 5-6 pages (Title and Reference pages are not counted). Contains no spelling and grammatical errors. Uses proper headings to organize information, ideas, and content.Sources required – the amount of sources not specified.