(Outcome) Evaluation of a Leadership Development Programme (Quantitative Analysis)

– Research to examine the effectiveness of a corporate leadership development programme within a manufacturing company
– Measuring impact on learners job performance based on perceived changes in their behaviour
– Target Group: First Line / Shop Floor Management + Supervisor
– Applied evaluation framework: Kirk Patricks Model of Training Evaluation (Level 3)
Research question:
Does the leadership development programme lead to higher levels of perceived job performance?

Literature Review Required – Should somehow cover:
Leadership Basics – Importance of Leadership / Theories
Leadership Development Basics Definitions / Theories / Goals
Background Leadership Development UK (focus towards Manufacturing)
Research on Leadership Development for Shop Floor / First Line Manager (in Manufacturing)
Leadership Skill Gap
Leadership Development Effectiveness
Leadership Development Evaluation Definitions / Importance / Theories / Models
Lack of investment and or proper evaluation of initiatives
Lack of evaluation / Reasons in literature / Need to evaluate