Organizational Behavior and Management Design

****Please Read Carefully****
Choose any organization and write an essay in which you apply the concepts of organizational behavior and management in designing an organizational security plan. Your design should be consistent with organizational behavior and management theory and practices and include:
-A mission
-Code of ethics
-Staffing needs
-Roles and responsibilities of personnel
-Applicable discussion of leadership, processes, communication, and organizational behavior

It is important for you to prepare this assignment in regards to the ORGANIZATIONAL SECURITY PLAN. For example, don\’t talk about the Code of Ethics for IBM, but for the SECURITY ORGANIZATION PLAN of IBM.

If you choose to only respond in broad terms, applicable to the entire organization and NOT an organizational security plan, your assignment will be considered NON-RESPONSIVE to the key elements.

That said, broad concepts of organizational management such as mission, Vision, Goals, Philosophy, Code of ethics do apply to this assignment. Just tailor your work to the organizational security plan.