Oral health promotion through health promoting schools

the part I need help with is the methodology chapter where we should give an overview of the type of reviews, and the scoping review which is the type of my review I will upload a file of a methodology of interest I want you to rewrite it ( paraphrase )it in a different and good way I wrote an introduction to the section:

methodology chapter
Introduction :

A range of method on how the literature review is conducting will be described in this section, also highlighting the steps associated with doing the scooping study.The use of the scoping methodology is to assess the extent of the current literature referring to the oral health promotion through health promoting schools, especially primary schools.


conducting scoping review of the oral health promotion through health-promoting schools.

systemic literature reviews:

Providing an abroad picture of the oral health promotion through health-promoting schools by examining the current literature made the use of scoping methodology convenient for this review. Systemic reviews will be outlined and compared with the scoping methodology. In the practice of evidence-based health care, systemic reviews are key measure; they have the ability to summarise an enormous amount of evidence and information from the current studies. Then these summaries can help in health care decision making as guide or recommendation (Higgins and Green,2008). They can also combine evidence on the impact of a particular intervention.For instance of