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This assignment combines concepts from the reading of last week (8th week) and this week (9th week).
Think of an example of your choice that relates to the digital divide. Following the framework of this week\’s reading from week 9, explain who, with which characteristics connect how to what in your example. Be explicit about each of them.
Then use this same example to show how this divide relates to at least two of Sen\’s instrumental freedoms. Remember that in Chapter 2 (\”The Ends and the Means of Development\”) of his book Development as Freedom (reading from 8th week), the Nobel-prize winning economist Amartya Sen explains the complementary role of 5 instrumental freedoms. In the context of your example, show how the digital divide limits at least two of these (you can also include all five freedoms if you can find an example…).

Week 8th reading
Sen, Amartya (1999), Development as Freedom, Chapter 2: \”The Ends and the Means of Development\”.
A.Sen DevAsFreedom.PDF is attached.

Week 9th reading

The end justifies the definition