Topic Paper (80 points)

You are required to write only one (1) paper. Choose a specific topic in the area of Health, Safety, or Nutrition for children, birth through 12 years. (For example, the topic Bicycle Safety, under the area of Safety.) Email your instructor with your topic choice. Note: Health, Safety, and Nutrition each have a different due date! Include research information from books, journals, websites, ejournals, or newspaper articles. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AS A SOURCE. Prepare a research paper (double-spaced). The paper should be in written in APA format and be a minimum of 7 (seven) pages. The paper should include: a title page, an abstract, a 4-5 page summary of the information researched with in-text citations, why this information is important, and how you could use this information in your classroom, a reference page with at least 3 different references.