Nonparametric Techniques

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Nonparametric Technique
Write a 3page paper of
when to use nonparametric techniques.
Know the assumptions underlying the use of chi-square.
Generate and interpret the results of a chi-square analysis.

Explain nonparametic technques on the word document.
Add some detail points on the statement on the table toward the word document adding a statistical perspective
1. Kruskal-Wallis Test Statistic: 28.383
P-value is 0.000 assuming Chi-square Distribution with 3 df

Ho: there is a similarity between having a depress state of mind and levels of exercise.
Ha: there is not a similarity in between the levels of exercise including the state of mind.
Kruskal-Wallis Test Statistic: 28.383
Based upon the chi-square test having a p value of zero we can conclude that the null hypothesis is false, therefore the alternative hypothesis must be true.

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