New Zealand companies will benefit from introducing a 50% quota of women in senior management positions.

Topic: New Zealand companies would benefit from introducing a 50% quota of women in senior management positions.

Decide a position on this issue, and write an argument essay supporting your position and refuting opposing arguments

Special requirements:

Include at least 1 quotation, 2 paraphrases, and 1 summary, but no more than 7 in total. Summaries should be 40-60 words long. Write Q, P, and S at the beginning of each sentence using a source in the essay. Provide in-text citation in APA style. Dont let sources dominate your essay.
Label supporting arguments, counter-arguments and refutations. Label these in your essay as Arg 1, Arg 2, C-Arg 1, Ref 1 etc. for clear identification.
Language and style should be academic.
Your assignment must include a reference list of 5 sources, using different types of sources (ex. academic journal, government report, non-governmental organisation website, hard copy book). Do not, for example, use only internet-based newspapers

Good understanding of subject; main issues effectively explained
Clear thesis statement and preview of supporting arguments in Introduction
Strong, well-structured arguments, well supported with evidence, examples etc.
Counter-arguments presented and refuted

Effective introduction: contextual information, thesis statement, preview of essay Body
Topic sentences are used effectively
Signals indicating counter-arguments and refutations are clear
Clearly stated, concise conclusion
No unnecessary repetition or irrelevant information
Clear, concise language; tone appropriate for academic writing
Writer presents a viewpoint in an objective style
Sources do not dominate the essay
Spelling, punctuation, word use correct
Sources effectively integrated in the essay as summary, paraphrase, quote, and labelled as S, P, Q.
Correct in-text citations and reference list
Arguments, counter-arguments & refutations labelled with Arg 1, C-Arg 1, Ref 1 etc.

in this essay my position is NZ companies will have some benefit from introducing a 50% quota of women in senior management position