Networking Technology

Research Essay:
My Major: Networking Technology
Chosen Topic: White Hat/Ethical Hacking
Question: Can, and how, is white hat/ethical hacking helping to fight cyber-crime?

Research a topic that intersects with your major or intended career field in some way. Then, write an essay that either answers a complex question about your major or career, or proposes a solution to a complex problem in your major or career.

You may conduct original (primary) research in addition to secondary research in proposing your solution, and indeed are encouraged to do so. Make sure to include at least three credible sources, preferably from the past ten years, as support for your essay.

The word count for this essay is approximately 1500 words. (As usual, you have a safe margin of about 100 words in either direction.) Standard formal English is mandatory: use correct grammar, spelling, syntax, and language for a professional academic setting. Your ideas must be your own, and if you draw upon other material, proper use of citation is mandatory, web based sources must include full URL so I can reference, must use MLA 8th edition style. Your essay must be formatted correctly: use 12-point Times New Roman for all text, double-space your essay, use 1 margins on all sides of the page, and indent for the first line of each paragraph. Because primary research is an option, make sure to document and supply your source material in addition to the essay. (Appendices are good for containing such information when not incorporated directly into the body of the essay.)

Message to hired writer:
The absolute minimum number of sources that can be used for this paper is 3, but feel free to use as many as needed to more easily complete the paper. I have included a pdf of one source that I have found and would like used as one of the three sources, and below is the link to the source as well.