Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

It\’s a book report for MONUMENT 14 by author Emmy Laybourne


Write the report in three paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence and at least for additional sentences which support your topic sentence.

a. Paragraph One: briefly describe the setting and summarize the plot of the book. You dont have to give away the ending, but who are the main characters and what obstacle did they have to overcome?

b. Paragraph Two: Tell me weather the book kept you engaged. Explain giving specific examples, how it did so (or how it failed). Relate specific details about the characters, plot, writing style, etc. When giving examples, remember to cite the page number where the event, or language example can be found.

c. Paragraph Three: Answer the question What did you learn about people, or about life from this book? What do you think the author wanted readers to think about or understand? Refer to specific events and characters in the story to explain your thoughts, citing the page number(s).