Media Law

As a Media Law student with a real interest in current affairs, your daily routine is to keep up to date with matters related to several Media Law issues such as reporting on court proceedings, gagging orders, libel actions, and the regulation / ownership of the press among others. For the purposes of this assignment, you are asked to identify any real legal story COVERED in our Media Law lectures, from the Media Law or the Press Regulation section of The Guardian (,, published within the past THREE MONTHS, and consider the following questions:

1a. What is the real legal problem of your chosen story as covered in our lectures? 1b. What similar legal cases and / or articles, policy reports and academic commentary can you identify from textbooks and secondary material related to your chosen Media Law scenario? 60 marks

2. How do you evaluate the outcome of your chosen scenario compared to your answer in 1b? Do you agree or disagree with its treatment? If your chosen story is ongoing, how do you foresee the outcome? If possible, try to find how your chosen story has been reported by other newspapers in order to enrich your evaluation. 40 marks