Marketing Plan

One of the basic foundations of a successful marketing campaign is to create a marketing plan. A formal comprehensive Marketing Plan is a written document that outlines and explains all the activities necessary to implement marketing strategies amid is an outcome of the planning process. A company needs a marketing plan just as it needs a business plan. For all business owners, large or small, writing a yearly Marketing Plan that identifies what youre hoping to accomplish, and how you will go about doing so, is the foundation for all that you do that year.
Some advantages of a Marketing Plan are to provide a business owners/companies with a map for achieving yearly goals, helps to identify the needs and wants of customers, demand for the product (while aiding in design of product), identifies competitors, identifies new product areas, the ability to track success through performance measures (evaluations and control) and an understanding of the time, and budget, needed to execute on the Marketing Plan.

Choose from the following Pepsi Beverage Brands
From the list below. You should choose one of these brands below and write your marketing plan based solely on this brands product lines. You can develop new product lines or line extensions if you would like and make sure you list these under the product area of the marketing mix.

1. Pepsi Soda-

2. Mountain Dew-

3. Gatorade- The Sports Fuel Company-

4. Aquafina-

5. Pure Leaf Premium Ice & Hot Tea-