make up a title ( Econ 451 )

Hi writer,

1. follow the writing format in attachment project 3 (size of words, title, APA style…etc)
2. writing this report follow the attachment Structure below
3. you can choose any topic that meets the requirements
4. my country is France, and year 2010, everything is this paper must be France 2010.
5.the data you get must insert into the article, and explain the data you get.
6. the attachment below is my class notes and the instruction about how to get the data you want. All the steps are in the book (attachment: the book of this class).
7. Below is the software you will need to download and use …

plz check this link:

-GAMS – Download

-GTAP Resources: Resource Display: GTAPAgg Demo Version…

-GTAP Models: RunGTAP