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You should plan to spend at least 1-2 hours at Reynolda House. At a minimum, make sure to visit the following three things:

1. The recently installed temporary exhibitSamuel F.B. Morse\’s Gallery of the Louvre and the Art of Invention

2. The permanent collection located in the historic part of the house

3. The permanent exhibit and video (main floor, past the ticket desk) about Reynolda House and the Reynolds Family.

Once you\’ve made your visit, write a reflection essay that communicates your experience in a meaningful, thoughtful way, and that seeks, in your own way, to connects what you see at the museum to aspects of this course. Though you can take your essay in different directions, please touch in some way on all/most of the following:

A) Connections between artistic expression & ideas, as explored in the Samuel FB Morse exhibition.

B) A particular work of art featured in the permanent collection that demonstrates the way the artist worked in conversation with social or intellectual problems of the historical moment in which they lived.

C) Relationships you see between the founding ideals of the Reynolda Estate (as dreamed up by Katherine and RJ Reynolds) and progressive-era concerns/ideals explored by thinkers like Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Double-space, 12-point typeface (a professional typeface like Times New Roman), minimum 1000 words. 1\’\’ margins all around. Though I don\’t expect you to do any additional research, if you do use other sources, you must cite them properly.

Please it must be a minimum of 1000 words.