List the musical pieces and composers/arrangers you will be writing about.

The report MUST contain the following:
1. The title of the concert, individual or group performing, the location of the concert, date, and time (link).
2. List the musical pieces and composers/arrangers you will be writing about. (DO NOT LIST THE CHORUS MEMBERS OR THE ORCHESTRA MEMBERS) – you may copy this from the program and include it in list form (required even if the concert has no written program)
3. THE COMPARISON STUDY things to consider A full description of what you heard, comparing and contrasting the four pieces you chose to analyze. Use specific information (terms, etc.) that you have learned from the course in your descriptions. For vocal concerts, be sure and read the translations and incorporate these into your descriptions. A majority of your comparison study/concert report should be this description of what you heard and a comparison of the similarities and differences between the pieces you chose to analyze. Compare 4 pieces; you can separate by instrumental and vocal.
Areas to consider:
1. Instrumental (solo or orchestra) or Vocal (accompanied by orchestra or piano?) 2. Meter duple, triple, or quadruple 3. Tempo fast, slow, moderate, gradually changing 4. Dynamics loud, soft, gradually changing? 5. Articulation accent, staccato, Sforzando, tenuto, fermata? 6. Tonality Major or minor tonality?
NOTE: You can choose a symphony to analyze instead of choosing four pieces from an entire concert.
4. Background information that you find on the internet about the composer(s). After you read the research material, rewrite it in your own words (or paraphrase). Or any information that you copy and paste in your paper must be listed in quotations with the link of the source listed at the end of the paper.
5. If the program includes multiple composers, pick three or four to research. It is not necessary to write about all of the composers. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THE PERFORMERS. COPY AND PASTE THE URLs FROM THE WEBSITES WHERE YOU FOUND THE INFORMATION USED IN THE REPORT. I must be able to verify your information by using each URL, so be sure it is complete.
6. WRITING STYLE: Grammar, spelling, syntax, rhetoric and addressing all of the guidelines as listed above in your first submission.