King Leopold\’s Ghost Critical Review Essay

AAS 1130/HIS 1940

Critical Essay King Leopolds Ghost

You are to write a critical review essay of King Leopolds Ghost. Address the following issues/questions, and support your discussion [be specific] with cited references to the book. The essay should be from 5 7 pages, and you must cite page numbers in your paper. Your essay must have a cover page with your name, course number, date, assignment title, and professors name, and does not count as one of your required pages. DUE Thursday 5/4/17 for in-class discussion. Your overall grade for this assignment, which is worth 50 points, includes your in-class discussion of the book on 5/4/17.

Issues/Questions to be Addressed:

* Who is Leopold? What is his interest in Africa? How does he pursue this interest?

* Describe and discuss colonialism under Leopold and by extension, under the Belgians.

* Discuss how Africans resisted the colonial project of Leopold.

* Discuss the reaction [active or passive] of other nations to Leopolds enterprise in Africa.

* Who is George Washington Williams, and what does he do to expose the reality of Congo under Leopold?

* Discuss the liberation/independence movement [major leaders and organizations] in Congo and how and when Congo achieves its independence.

* How would you describe the U.S.s involvement in the independent nation? Did it support or undermine the new nation?

* Discuss Chapter 19 within the context of a specific colonial legacy.

* Identify a chapter (besides Chapter 19) that you found to be the most engaging, summarize that chapter and explain why it was so engaging by making specific references to the book.

* Give a sense of your reaction after reading the book. Give examples from the book to support your reaction.

* Find a Book Review of King Leopolds Ghost, and answer the following at the end of your paper:

* Who is the reviewer?

* What does the reviewer say about the book?

* Do you agree or disagree with the reviewer and why? [support your agreement or disagreement with specific references to the book]