Investigative report (Business chosen)

Assignment Task:

Investigative report, presenting researched and justified evaluations about a company/ product of your choice, and their international business success.
Approximate word count percentages have been given as an indication on the weighting/ empahsis for each section

Executive summary (10%)
Selecting a company/product of your own choice, prepare a global marketing report:

Provide a brief background on your company/product (10%)
Using academic & practitioner research sources, evaluate the potential internationalization motives/ triggers that would influence your company/ product to move into new international markets. (CH2) (20%)
Choose two international markets that your company/product are already operating in:

Using global marketing model(s) for international market selection, compare both international markets (you may want to use a table(s) to help you compare the two markets), evaluate why your company choose these markets. (25%)

Analyse the method of market entry used by your company/ product to enter one of these markets, and evaluate if this entry method was the best option. Justify your evaluations using academic theory, research and/or evidence. (25%)
Review potential marketing strategies (e.g. product adaptations/ communication mix) that were used to ensure success in an international market. (10%)
All research into your chosen company/product and international markets should be secondary research, using resources such as Mintel, Keynote& Global Edge.

Your report will be based on academic research as well as market research using secondary sources. Evidence of reading and research is essential for this assignment.

You are expected to use a report format, including an executive summary, contents page, headings and sections numbers, page numbers, conclusion and recommendations.

The word limit is 2500 words (+/- 10%)