Incidents in the Life of a Slave GirlHarriet Jacobs

THE BOOK REPORT IS ON THE BOOK \”Incidents in the Life of a Slave GirlHarriet Jacobs\”

Use evidence from the book and cite that evidence.
! You must cite at least one other source besides the book youre reporting on.
! You will be significantly graded down if you do not cite any sources in your paper.
! This will be written like a book review.
! You will explain what the authors thesis is and
show how he or she backs that thesis up.
! What did the author want to show you? How did they show it?
! Your last paragraph (or two) will give your thoughts on how effective the author was in proving their thesis.

! Tell me if it was convincing and how it was convincing.
! Which parts of the book stuck with you.
! If it was not convincing, why not? What could
the author have done differently?
! This section should still be written without using the first person. No I or my.
! Think of how movie critics write their reviews.
! Write with the confidence like you are an authority on this subject.