In what way does corporate culture impact on employee engagement in enhancing organisational performance?

This is Chapter2 the literature review part of the dissertation. it is more likely HRM (corporate/organisational culture; employee engagement and their outcome that could effect to organisations\’ performance.

I want to make little introduction for the chapter and 3 main parts depending on following objectives and summary of the chapter in the end.

Research objective:
To examine the different culture frameworks that could effect to the companys effectiveness.
To analyse the ways that employees can engage to the work
To critically illustrate the ways that corporate culture increases the engagement of employees and effective ways that could push up or maintain the productivity of organisation.

I need academic clear writing, not AMERICAN STYLE; and NO REPEATING WORDS should be synonyms.

Critical analysis of the given articles, provide wide clear comments on the theories and the models related to each objective. and all resources should provide by recent years journal and academic articles(sources) as secondary data. The date should be not late than the past 5 years. Also be aware of not to copy pasting sources, like copy pasting the whole sentences from the specific site. and dont use i, you, he, she, we, they and etc