Improving the Brand name Pharmaceutical Prior Authorization Process

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The topic of this paper is the role of stakeholders during the improvement process of brand name pharmaceutical prior authorizations. The stakeholder influences invloved in the improvement process include:
Clinicians: Ensure alternative treatments are exhausted before prescribing most aggressive and or expensive medication. Provide the best medical care to their patients.
Patients: Assist in effectively communicating their barriers to care to their Insurance Company since they are paying a monthly premium.
Clinic Staff: Ensure effective communication of process and constraints with all parties involved.
Health Insurance Companies: Provide advance notification of any change in prescription coverage. Decrease turnaround time for member PA approval.
Pharmaceutical companies: Ensure medical studies, samples, formularies, coupon codes are in stock. Responsible for their part in maintaining relationships with local pharmacies

The task is to conduct research to write a paer on the exact tasks and measure these stakeholders will be involved in during the improvement process. Additionally, list which stakeholder have more leverage than others and what they can do to improve the process.

below are some useful sources: