Identify the goals and objectives of your sales promotion plan for the new retail store.

You work for a sales promotion company as a marketing assistant. Your supervisor has assigned you to create a sales promotion plan for a client. The client is a fashion brand and plans to open a retail store called \”Savvy\” in Seattle. Savvy offers a broad range of fashion apparel for women in the age group of twenty-two to forty years. The products are moderately priced and designed for urban working women.

Your task is to create a sales promotion plan for the new store opening. You must develop a sales promotion plan that is carefully crafted for the client\’s target market and brand position. The promotion should help the client reach its goal of not only generating sales but also promoting the fashion apparel among the target audience.

In this assignment, you will continue to work toward developing a sales promotion plan for your client\’s new store. On the basis of the elements you prepared in Week 1(Attached ppt file), create a proposal with the plan of hiring an outside promotional agency. Use your textbook and additional research to complete these tasks.

Task 1

The Proposal

Drawing on the sales promotion ideas you developed in last assignment (attached below), create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Specify the following in the scope of work your agency will do for the client: (also have an example ppt file attached below)

Goals and Objectives: Identify the goals and objectives of your sales promotion plan for the new retail store. These should be consistent with the client\’s overall goal of successful store opening for the first year of operation.
Promotional Tactics: Develop a minimum of five sales promotion tactics. These can be a mix of consumer- and trade-oriented tactics.
Promotional Calendar: Build a promotional calendar for the plan. The calendar should list each of the five promotion tactics from the start to finish. Create a promotional calendar in the correct format with a detailed and feasible timeline.