Case Study Grading Rubric
(Level 1-Boldfaced and centered, first letter of each word capitalized)

Level 2-Boldfaced, left justified, first letter of each word capitalized)

Incidence and Prevalence in the US (5%)
Incidence and Prevalence Worldwide (5%)
Who, Where, and Why (15%) (describe characteristics of the demographic group most affected, locations where disease rates are highest, and SPECIFIC EVIDENCED-BASED research detailing why that population has such high rates of the disease)

(Level 1 Heading)
The diseases you are writing about are pathophysiologically complex. Choose 5 specific pathophysiological changes associated with the disease process and describe them (10% each). Write approximately 2 paragraphs, each with 4-6 sentences, for each of the pathophysiological changes. For example, for Case Study 1-Hypertension, your level 2 subheadings may look like this:
Humoral mediators
Two paragraphs
Circulating blood volume
Two paragraphs
Blood viscosity
Two paragraphs
Cardiac output
Two paragraphs
Blood vessel elasticity
Two paragraphs 50%
APA-abstract, headings, in-text citations, and reference list 25%
Total 100%
It is expected that you will use scientific sources such as peer reviewed journal articles, your pathophysiology textbook, research from specialty organizations, or other research-based resources. Exclusive use of textbooks as references will not be accepted. The paper should adhere to APA format for title page, abstract, headings, citations, and references. The paper should be approximately 6-8 pages per case study, double-spaced 12 point-font, not including your title page, abstract, and references.