Human Sexuality – Multidisciplinary Analysis

This is a human sexuality research paper of multidisciplinary analysis on a topic of your choice. Please choose a topic listed on the instructions sheet. Follow the instructions sheet exactly how it is stated, with super important things highlighted in yellow. You should follow the outline format on the instructions as well as using headings and subheadings. APA format is needed to be followed and used in the reference sheet as well as in text citations (as stated on the instructions) and you must use at least FIVE academic sources with ONE of them being from a peer reviewed journal article. Everything is explained in detail in the instructions and I also attached a sample essay that the teacher provided us with (a student from last year\’s class\’s essay) that follow the same instructions. Do not use any of this sample essay\’s material, but it could be helpful to look at to see an example of a multidisciplinary analysis. Thank you!