How to Appropriately Integrate Information and Communication Technology into EFL Teaching to Make Teaching and Learning More Effective – Case Study the Primary and Secondary Schools in *Country

The main objective of this dissertation is to explore and offer solutions on how to effectively integrate information and communication technology into English as a foreign language teaching (EFL) in the *country in order to encourage teachers to integrate technology and help students gain in-depth knowledge and language skills in a more engaging way. Also, it will determine the fundamental problems that teachers face in integrating ICT, as well as evaluate whether or not EFL teachers perceive ICT as an effective instrument in EFL teaching. Identifying the fundamental problems may assist teachers to overcome these problems and it could provide guidance for ways to enhance the technology integration. Finding out about the *country\’s teachers perceptions of ICT could enable the development of a technology integration plan and develop appropriate professional development.

In order to accomplish the purpose of this dissertation, several questions have been devised and will be explored.
1. How does ICT affect foreign language teaching and learning in the *country?
2. What is the present scenario of English language teachers in the *country in regard to ICT integration? Do teachers use ICT in their classrooms?
3. What problems do English teachers in the *country face in the process of integration of ICT?
4. Are the *country\’s EFL teachers ICT skills adequate to promote English Language teaching? How do *country\’s EFL teachers use ICT in their instructional practices?
5. What solutions can be implemented in order to improve the teaching and learning process? What methods can be proposed to make learning using ICT more effective?
The research will be carried out by observation and conducting semi-structured interviews, using a set of questions organized into a questionnaire. Participants in this research shall be EFL teachers and students from different primary and secondary schools in the *country.