How the WAIF animal shelter in Coupeville operates

How the WAIF animal shelter in Coupeville operates. The essay should be written as if I had an interview with an employee and spent a couple hours touring the facility and also spending some time playing with dogs and cats. Include information on its minimal kill policy, etc.

Write a 3 page essay about an intriguing person, place, or activity in your community. (WAIF-Coupeville, WA)
The Basic Features for this profile are:
* An Intriguing, Well-Focused Subject
– Consider your specific angle on the subject.
– Consider the uniqueness of the subject.
* A Vivid Presentation
– Include only specific detail.
– Your description should include both sensory imagery and figurative language.
– Include at least one piece of dialogue to reveal character.
* A Dominant Impression and Perspective on the subject
– Consider audience and tone.
– Include a thesis statement.
– Adopt a role for yourself in profile: detached or participant observer.
* An Engaging and Informative Plan
– Control the flow of information through word choice and focus.
– Control the narration by weaving information throughout.
– Use chronological, topical, or spatial organization.

Information from this website:

This is to be written as if I interviewed an employee who works at the WAIF animal shelter in Coupeville, WA. Please include that I will be volunteering and made a donation as well. Talk about the \”minimum -kill policy\” and about certain breeds that are harder to adopt. Please use as much detailed information as you can.

Some notes I have:

Walked through the doors of WAIF in Coupeville to a man with his black mixed breed dog on a lead talking to a young woman. The building smelled of animal fur and dog or cat food lingering. It wasnt a bad smell and it reminded me of my dog. The woman looked at me and smiled and said, I will be with you in just a moment. I decided to have a seat in the waiting room. The front desk lady and the man were talking about his dog that he had lost and just found him at WAIF. He was signing some papers and was very thankful they had his dog.
*Lady greeted me, told her I was there for the interviews.
*She had another woman come out and she gave me a tour of the building.
*There were 2 dog meet and greet room and 2 cat meet and greet rooms
*There were 3 different rooms with cat kennels and a kitten room
*Puppy room/small breed dog room
*2 dog kennel areas, holds maximum of 48 dogs
*Grooming room
*Large outdoor area for dogs to play
*Walking trails