How Others See Me Assignment

1. You are to use four copies of the How Others See Me Questionnaire.

2. YOU and three people you select will fill out the questionnaires. Put your name at the top of one of the forms. Then fill out the questionnaire for yourself (i.e. how you see yourself).

Select three (3) people, from different areas of your life, who know you fairly well and ask them to fill out the questionnaire on you. (Each person does one) Make sure they understand that this is their perception of how they see you. Also tell them to direct their written responses to you, not me the teacher. So this will be filled out as if they are talking to you. I am providing access to the questionnaires to you now as it may take some time for them to return these. Keep track of those you ask to do this for you and collect these in time to write your essay.

3. When you have received all the questionnaires back from your respondents, review and analyze these forms carefully (including your own responses) and write a 5-6 page typed essay using terms and theories from our textbook and you must address the following communication issues regarding feedback you received around concepts from our class and follow these specific guidelines in creating your essay.

Essay is due with the first sheet from each feedback form (including your own) at the end of week 4. Carefully review this list of required elements to make sure that you have addressed these in your essay.

Organize your essay in a clear succinct style and uses APA for citations, margins, double-spaced, spell, grammar checked, 12pt Times New Roman font. Write the essay in the first person (I, Me, My).

Identify and make at least five references to interpersonal concepts regarding self-concept and communication fundamentals discussed in the text, and/or lecture notes. As you write your essay correctly use these concepts with personal examples (you can use your self-assessment quizzes in this area) from your own communication behavior.

Clearly state similarities & differences discovered between the forms. Use course terms to describe: observable trends in feedback from one person to the next (what do they say about your communication?); note comparisons between your responses and the responses of the other people. Carefully analyze these responses to clearly explain the differences.

Clearly state self discoveries from the assessment feedback results and demonstrate our ability to do critical self-analysis. Make sure you write about your general reactions/feelings to what the respondents had to say about you.

Talk about the impact of the feedback on your self-concept and your relationships.. If there is no impact write about the reason for no impact and use terms from the text or class notes

Thoughtfully explain the part that reflected appraisal and social comparison plays in your analysis of your self-concept

In your last paragraph write about your use of Cascadia College Learning Outcomes and in your final conclusion clearly summarizes the conclusions that you have reached in this essay.

NOTE: Do not give me a lengthy history of your relationship with this person. I am interested in your analysis of, and your response to, what the respondents had to say about you, and what you learned about yourself and your self-concept using the concepts from the course. Here is what I will use as a score sheet for this essay: