How is the supernatural made familiar and the familiar defamiliarized in the story? Is the angel made more human?


\”A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings\” (Gabriel Garca Marquez, 1955)
Guiding Questions:
How is the supernatural made familiar and the familiar defamiliarized in the story? Is the angel made more human? Are humans made supernatural or less humane?
How is the tension between supernatural and human resolved (or not) in the story?
What do the communitys treatment of this outsider reveal about its culture, values, and beliefs?

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Very Old Man with Enormous Wings\” (Gabriel Garca Marquez, 1955)
The disapproval between the two worlds, the world of celestial, and the world of mortal has caused a huge sum of literary works, which may be drawn back to the old-fashioned of myths and ancient epic literature. Letterings of pitching ancestry have always been somewhat different, standing on unattainability for human beings.
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a very intriguing story about an old couple who one day discovered a human-like a creature with wings. The townspeople were all mesmerized by this mystical creature that he became all most a circus-like character. The couple\’s names were and Elisanda. They saw that there were a lot of curious villagers, so they kept the old man in their chicken coop and charged people to be able to see him. Throughout the story, we can see how the old man with the wings was being treated, and we can learn from that in how to handle others despite if they are humans or not. The wings on the old man in the story are a symbol of how power can be portrayed. Although he spoke a different language, these were still strong symbols. Other symbols were freedom and speed. Wings are not a natural human characteristic.
The story was written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, states a big winged old man was found by Pelayo, the crab hunter. As it became cloudy, the presence of a magical man would scare, excite and bring hope to the town people for the predictable future. The old man looked defeated, and the hunter looked at him with a disorderly appearance or a mute stupor. The writer labels the old man as bald, fading hairs, almost toothless and huge buzzard wings. Pelayo ask himself saying how someone like this can exist? With such restraint and internal power? The angel could not be response inconceivable with a loud voice, in adding to this discovery, Pelayos wife Elisenda was attending to a sick child, and he had to go in to get her. As residents learn of the angle as the label by a wise old lady and his untraditional appearance, the people became inquisitive and scared, and they treated him like a circus show, likewise. The woman who was changed into a spider by a curse. But the lady was responded to well.
The overall theme of A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is Let things run their typical path by bringing conflict on yourself, by trying to defy nature. When the angel arrived, there was the old wise woman who told them that the angel was there to get the sick baby, as believed by the supernatural being. But they did not listen. In contradiction of the decision of the wise old lady, they did not have the temperament to put him to death. The hunter Pelayo observed him all afternoon from the kitchen, carrying his bailiffs club, and when he got ready for bed he dragged the angle out of the mud and locked him up in the wire chicken coop. Pelayo did not listen to nature by letting the angel go. Instead, he kept it in the fence for circus shows. After they had made all the money, they need they felt the angle was no more needed his wife watches the angel fly away and then realizes they had lost something good.
Symbolism in the story is used to elusiveness to improve a storys by adding importance and details. However, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, his story for children is a dreamlike quality taken through symbolism. The intended sense of the story can be drawn from the old winged man, whom the story rotates, from the metamorphous of the family who takes him, and outsiders response to his miracles. The wing of the old man symbolizes those that are different and perhaps strange. The story started during a four day of heavy rain, Pelayo and his wife are killing and removing crabs washed in, by the rain and throwing them back into the sea. When they saw, something buried in the mud face down which was an old man with wings.