How does a particular work register its impact on the readers mental and sensory faculties?

Research Paper English 103

Here is an opportunity to do some original research and produce a paper in an area that interests you.

Topic: Select from our text a poem by Emily Dickinson and read as widely as possible about something that interests you in the poets life, work, and/or critical reception. From your research formulate a thesis about her poem that you would like to develop into a 5 to 7-page (minimum) research paper that follows the MLA guidelines.

To help you develop an approach, see pages 1923-31. Please e-mail me with any concerns you may have along the way and Ill be glad to work with you as you make progress. There is flexibility here as long as you get everything in prior to the final draft which is due on August 5, 11:59pm. I will announce suggested due dates for the preliminary steps.

1. How does a particular work register its impact on the readers mental and sensory faculties?
2. From a close study of the text what understanding do we gain of the authors motivations and behavior as an artist?
3. What are some of the memories, motives, and fears within the characters themselves that shape the work?
Turn in a list of the research consulted thus far. Suggestions: Begin with holdings in our library (books, anthologies, journals); visit the dedicated library page as described below; then consult the online website devoted to your author. A minimum number of sources required: six.
Thesis statement due along with a suggested outline.
Rough Draft.
Our librarian, Sarah Bosler, has created a new online supplement that is accessible from the library website under LibGuides. Here you will find useful links to a variety of online sources that can help with your paper. (Youll also see on the first page other professors story listings. You may ignore those.) The ENGL 103 supplement is located at

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~**May I also please have an outline for this research paper~**. Thank You Very much