Housing Discrimination Policy

This is to be an op-ed to inform only.
The subject will be based on the Fair Housing Act
A. Editorial (10 points) (Individual Assignment):
The editorial is an opportunity for you to write about your bill/policy in a creative and opinionated way. In preparation for writing your editorial, continue conducting research related to the policy or bill you and your group have chosen to focus on for the overall project. Study the op-ed page of newspapers such as the Washington Post, New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman, or your hometown paper and read the papers instructions for submitting an editorial. You may also find it helpful to review the material in your Haynes/Mickelson text on writing editorials (pp. 134-137).

Identify at the top of your editorial who your intended audience is. Make sure the specific purpose of the editorialfor example: to persuade, to move to action, or to inform is evident in your writing. Your editorial should be approximately 750-words in length. Use double spacing and 12-point font with one-inch margins. You can collaborate with your group members on the research of the individual assignments, but must independently write your own editorial. Cite and reference any materials used for your editorial.

Assignment Requirements:
1. Introduction: Audience and purpose of editorial
2. Provide brief background on the policy issue
3. Explain the issue in an objective, relevant, and timely manner
4. Present opposing opinions. Refute (reject) the other side using facts, details, figures, quotations.
5. Concede a point of the opposition
6. Present your opinions and solutions; Provide alternative solutions
7. Conclusion