Home Automation

This is just rough draft I don\’t need work citied, title page or outline.
this is my outline:
While relying on technology can ease the life especially for people with difficulties, it also can improve our security and save us energy and time.
I. Smart home products make our life easier by leaving us out of decision making process for insignificant matters.
1. Smart home products are connected and make some decision that they are capable of.
2. Many tasks could be scheduled to be done automatically with no need of interruption.

II. Security is one of the most important reasons to consider using home automation products.
1. Your smart home knows when you are not home and it will warn you if there is another person in your home
2. In case of fire your smart home can contact you and emergency in the same time.

III. Saving energy and time is another major benefit of home automation.
1. Smart home products will significantly reduce energy use.
2. Since many appliance are automated and also connected to each other, it can save you a lot of time.

IV. Furthermore, every appliance in your home will be within the reach no matter where you are located.
1. You can control everything through internet no matter where you are.
2. You can reach smart home products in many ways which is productive for people with disabilities.

V. On the other hand complication of consuming in another fact to consider when moving to this era of technology.
1. Working with smart home products sometimes could be too complicated.