HIV rapid testing in homeless shelters

1. Read this lead article:
2. Transform the lead article into a grant proposal.
3. You can choose to make changes to the study the authors described. (I’ve chosen to make changes to the study and the changes are listed below.)a. The changes I want to make in the lead article:i. Instead of relying on data from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, I would like to gather homeless data from 10 different shelters across the U.S.ii. Instead of conducting HIV rapid testing ONCE to homeless individuals, I would perform a confirmatory test to eliminate false negative results.iii. I would like to include a section about conducting written surveys to ask about HIV status of homeless individuals.
4. Describe the study design, sampling, and data analysis.
5. Remember, the lead article does not exist for this assignment, so do not refer to it when you describe the research plan.
6. Study design should include population
7. Use future tense when describing your study
8. 1st person plural (we) is ok, but not in excess
9. do not assume that the person reading your grant is familiar with your lead article
10. No quotes