Historical Cultural Analysis Interpretation

Purpose:This assignment is built on the premise that understanding a particular culture, will help us to better appreciate and comprehend that cultures literary productions, just as a careful reading of a literary text may lead us to better understand the culture from which it emerged. In this project, you will practice and develop the skills associated with the course goals.

Cultural Analysis: For the purposes of this assignment, \”cultural analysis\” means making connections between a text we\’ve read and the historical/cultural contexts in which that text emerged or circulated. Cultural analysis moves beyond the boundaries of the text itself to establish links among texts, values, institutions, groups, practices, and people.

Directions:For this writing project you will examine a historical aspect of \” Yellow Wallpaper\” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story. Ask yourself what is the historical and social background of this story and why is it relevant.

This assignment will be completed through exploringONEof the followingAREAS OF EXAMINATION:
a. You will need to identify and understand themoods, attitudes, and conditions that existed in the time periods of the story.
b. You will need to focus your attention on thesetting of where the particular event occurred within, and the impact this event had within its society.
c. You will need to researchthe author role or place in society when creating the storyif applicable.

Once you have chosen your area of examination, you will create story/essay
Your creation will need todemonstrate either the mood, attitude, and/or condition that was expressed by the author and its relevance. You will need to includetwo historical sources for this assignment that will be cited in a works cited page, as well as the short story that you have chosen.

Here are some examples of the questions that a critic developing a historical/cultural analysis might ask:

What kinds of behavior does this text seem to encourage or enforce?
What are the social purposes or functions of this text?
Why might readers at different times and different places find this text compelling?
What are the differences between my values and the values implicit in the text?
Upon what social understanding does the text depend?
How might this text affect the freedom or movement of a person or groups of persons?
How is this text connected to larger social groups, beliefs, structures, issues, ideas, events, habits, customs, practices, or communications?

These are just examples.CHOOSE ONEspecific question FROM ABOVE, then the formand content of your project should be tailored to your own talents and interests.

STEP 1- Choose one of the short stories assigned. \” Yellow Wallpaper\” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
STEP 2- Choose if you are going to address, the style, diction, author\’s purposeorsetting of the story to research.Choose one.
STEP 3- Do your research on that choice and make a bibliographic list of your 2 sources to use in your Works Cited page. You may include the story itself as one of your sources.
STEP 4 – Use the question on the WP1 assignment sheet that applies to your research and answer it, using three different parenthetical in-text sources in the body of your paper.( 2 paragraphs)
STEP 5- Write a short story that represents the style, diction, settingorauthors\’ purpose. (Choose one representation.)
Step 6- Using MLA format, create a Works Cited page.