Healthcare system.

This is for Intro to Healthcare system class. Please send this order to an expert of the USA Healthcare system.
I am an international student so pretty much new to USA healthcare system. ( I am studying Physical therapy, The Healthcare system class is also a part of this program)

I found a News article which is \”\” . You should use the article for this written assignment.

This is a kind of Article review but you need to write more about the article(there are something that you need to write about in the \”grading criteria file\”, please follow all instructions correctly), and find a peer-reviewed scientific journal article (8 years or less) is used to support or refute the information discussed in the news/current events article. (Just one peer-reviewed article is needed ) I attached the grading criteria, so please check all information you need to write in your paper.

In the end of the paper, you need to make 3 questions about this issue ( information of this is also in the file\”Grading criteria\”)

Use AMA format!!!

I just write some notes in the grading criteria with Red, so please check those, and write correctly.