Healthcare economics

The student will create their own discussion posting that addresses a particular financial interest from the textbook readings from chapter 4.
The question should address what you, as a RN to BSN student, thinks is most important for class collaboration regarding health care economics?
Your question should be pertinent to our profession and stimulate your peers higher level thinking abilities.
one (a) scholarlyreference (from the e-library or a professional internet site), and your (b) textbook cited in APA style to support your response.

A posting will thoughtfully consider and respond to the questionusing sound argumentation and clear prose.
A stellar posting will contain virtually no grammatical errors or typos.
Not only will such a post engage with the ongoing conversation in a rhetorically suitable fashion, it will foster further discussion on the topic, perhaps exploring new lines of argument or different perspectives;it\’s proof that you are facilitating learning both for yourself and your fellow students.
Citation ofone scholarly reference(from scholarly article or internet site)andtextbook.(-1 pointif missing)
Minus 1 point for the following
a) A less-than-adequate engagement with the subject or noticeably under the required word count.
b) Is noticeably under the required word count
c)No references cited when appropriate or inappropriate use of citations.
d) Poor sentence or paragraph structure
e) Not using Headings