Google\’s role on education

Final Research Paper

7 pages

Typed, double-spaced

MLA style for in-text citations and Works Cited page (not counted in final page count)

Must use at least four sources that were assigned for your annotated bib, which includes: the scholarly article, 2 news articles, and one book-length text


In your Wikipedia article you were supposed to lay out a balanced perspective of how your chosen medium has impacted society. This paper will build on that by asking you to assess your research and take your own position on your chosen topic. Therefore, this will be a thesis-driven, argumentative essay.

Taking into account the arguments you found showing the positive and negative impacts your chosen medium, develop your own argument about how your medium has impacted society.

A thesis, by definition, is something that must be proven. A thesis can also be described as a statement or theory that any reasonable person can argue with. Therefore, make sure that your own thesis takes a position on how your chosen medium has impacted society. You will then need to back up that thesis by using evidence from your research.


–You probably listed some pros and cons for your medium in your informative Wikipedia article. As you write your argumentative paper and prove your thesis, try to account for the counter-arguments (arguments that go against your own position) you found in your research and respond to those counter-arguments.

–Your Wikipedia article likely contained a lot of details about the history and development of your chosen medium. For your final paper, you can assume that your reader has a general familiarity with your medium. Therefore, you do not need to include as detailed a description of the history of your medium or how it works. You should only include as much detail as you think necessary for your reader to understand your argument.

–Make sure you have a good balance of statistics and analysis. This means that you should include 1) some numbers or studies about things like: usage, impact, affect on the brain, affect on economic factors like buying/spending, or whatever relates to your research question, and 2) analysis, or big picture arguments about all this all means for society in general.

–Remember the ethics of citation: you need to give credit to others for their ideas, and you need to demonstrate good command of your sources to show your authority. Therefore, in addition to using parenthetical citations for all your direct quotes, be sure you also cite any ideas that you paraphrased.

–Remember to lead in to all direct quotes and comment on their significance afterward.