I have provided all the information such as The Rhetorical Forms and how to use them. It explains it in detail is under \”Rhetorical Terms\”.

Your introduction needs to identify, first of all, the author and title of the essay, so your reader knows your topic. Use his full name the first time, and then just his last name for the rest of the essay. Pick a persuasive Topic for the Essay.

I have also provided the Instructions for you under Rhetorical Analysis Essay Instructions. Use those specific Instructions when writing the paper. Those are the main instructions.

Under this section \” Essay Rhetorical Eva\” that explains mostly what he expects to see on the paragraphs etc. Is highlighted for you. However be aware that is not the Essay you are focusing on that is an example of what he expects to see on paragraphs. We have learned how to use Ethos, Logos, pathos and the Mill\’s method. So it has to follow those specific rules. The Essay is a persuasive Essay so it has to be as strong as possible with truthful evidence to back up your sources. Example use scholars, PhD scientist statistics, analogies etc. Use examples ethos, logos and pathos.

Never use the word in the paragraphs such as logos, or ethos or pathos. He wants us to use those examples of them in the paragraphs, just do not say he uses logos etc. It explains it in the PDF form.