General idea: Current Environmental Issue in Lebanon (Beirut) and the effectiveness of environmental laws and management systems

M.Sc Safety and Environmental Management- Edinburgh Napier University

(We\’ve got so many issues in lebanon, but the most recent one is waste and the garbage flowing on the streets, Costa Brava Birds, drainage, you will find more problems while doing your research of course)

I\’m choosing to discuss an issue going on in my country because it will be easy for me to access for data, and to apply systems (from developed countries) to it.

NGOs, United Nation for lebanon, and so many sites you can access for to get an idea.

In my proposal you will need to talk about the methodology, how am I going to do my work, so as I told you before, it will be easy for me to do so many interviews with people related to this field, NGOs and others.
Another way is to compare different studies done around the world with the Lebanese management, and highlight the flaws/gaps/ weaknesses in our system.

Please find attached:
1- Dissertation guideline (where you will find the proposal form)
2- Proposal sample (4 samples)
3- Republic of lebanon INDC
4- Waste management Plan arc 21
5- Solid waste management Lebanon
6- Overview of environmental law and institutional arrangements in lebanon
7- Environmental Education in Lebanon
8- Feed in Tariff Lebanon (but I prefer not focusing on energy)

Please contact me if you have any question.

Proposal deadline: February 10 2017.