Film to Book

Compare OR contrast:
You HAVE to choose only ONE: compare OR contrast NOT both.

The work you will be using for your comparison and contrast is Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd . You will need to purchase the book online or as an e-book or get it in hard copy. When you begin the process of writing this type of essay, consider that you are writing to an audience who has already read the literary work you are analyzing and viewed the film but who hasn\’t thought about specific ideas that you will discuss in your essay. Long story short, you are not summarizing the literary work in your body of paragraphs. You are only supposed to provide unique insights about the work. Although you should briefly summarize the work in your introduction, you do have to point out specific passages from the work and film to explain your ideas that you use in your essay.

Essay Requirements:

1. This essay is required to contain at least 6 full pages double spaced excluding the formal outline and works cited page using full MLA documentation.

2. Have a minimum of at least five (5) or more research sources

3. Contain a formal sentence outline

4. Contain an acceptable introduction and thesis statement

5. Contain a body of paragraphs that fully support your thesis statement

6. Contain a satisfactory conclusion

7. Contain an accurate Works Cited page